A Woman Who Saved A Person Life

My day as a superhero . We just moved into a mansion and I . Was cleaning the house . I heard something upstairs . Harry Potter was building a lab to do evil stuff in . I smelt something burning . The house caught on fire . I went to save Harry Potter even though he was up to no good . I called the fire department . Everything was gone but with my superpowers I fixed it all back to normal .

Dear Mrs . LaRue

We are furry and fat we are also sassy , mean . Grumpy , mean , The story start during summer in the near future . In the neighborhood , We think he should go to obedience school so the bus takes him . I think he should dill with it . She should make a list of rules for IKE to stop tearing up stuff . Stop bothering us . Leave us alone .


This is what happened during the 1840’s , 1850’s and 1860’s hundreds of thousand of Americans migrated to the western frontier of the United States . We were not called the United States then . They traveled in conestoga wagons , Sometimes the pioneers were attacked by indians . Often children played inside the wagon train . The pioneers had to build another kind of shelter called a sod house .

Pariot Poem

Ben Franklin spent 10 years working in Paris , France .

Because Benjamin Franklin’s  extreme popularity in France .

The 1783 Treaty of Paris .

Diplomats , policy makers .

His pariot name was Geroge Goodwin .

In Revolutionary War .

Influence of Ben Franklin .

Louis XV1 impressed talents, writing .

Volunteers to fight against the British .

sites : www . american revolution – war  facts . com , www . history .com