A Woman Who Saved A Person Life

My day as a superhero . We just moved into a mansion and I . Was cleaning the house . I heard something upstairs . Harry Potter was building a lab to do evil stuff in . I smelt something burning . The house caught on fire . I went to save Harry Potter even though he was up to no good . I called the fire department . Everything was gone but with my superpowers I fixed it all back to normal .

Dear Mrs . LaRue

We are furry and fat we are also sassy , mean . Grumpy , mean , The story start during summer in the near future . In the neighborhood , We think he should go to obedience school so the bus takes him . I think he should dill with it . She should make a list of rules for IKE to stop tearing up stuff . Stop bothering us . Leave us alone .


This is what happened during the 1840’s , 1850’s and 1860’s hundreds of thousand of Americans migrated to the western frontier of the United States . We were not called the United States then . They traveled in conestoga wagons , Sometimes the pioneers were attacked by indians . Often children played inside the wagon train . The pioneers had to build another kind of shelter called a sod house .

Pariot Poem

Ben Franklin spent 10 years working in Paris , France .

Because Benjamin Franklin’s  extreme popularity in France .

The 1783 Treaty of Paris .

Diplomats , policy makers .

His pariot name was Geroge Goodwin .

In Revolutionary War .

Influence of Ben Franklin .

Louis XV1 impressed talents, writing .

Volunteers to fight against the British .

sites : www . american revolution – war  facts . com , www . history .com







Halloween Night

I am a Zombie . I appear on Halloween Night . I have lived in a haunted house all my life .  I just found out a sister of mine is a zombie , too . And she scares me really bad . Me and my sister help each other scare people .

9 -11 Reflections


President George Bush was at a school in Florida visting . The two Twin Towers one of the towers got a take and fell a part the other one stay up . The pentagon got on fire and kept burring . There were people in the building when it got on fire .People fell out of the plane .They built  another  Twin Tower .

” Life in 5th Grade”

What it is like it is hard a lot of work you have test in Mrs.Brantley .
What it is like you do not have homework in Mrs . Brantley , all Mr. McBride .
What you’re looking forward to you get to learn a lot of history in Mrs.Mcfall .
What you’re looking forward to you have a science lab you get to do hands on science experiment.
What you’re looking forward to you learn new songs in Mrs.Owens class.
What you’re looking forward to you get to go out in the nature center and draw stuff like trees and other stuff that’s out there. What you’re looking forward to you get to play with cimeals